What is the biggest continent in the World?

By size and population the Continent of Asia is the biggest among the seven.

Asia facts:


most populated continent: Asia facts

The continent of Asia has the heaviest population of the planet.


smallest continent: Antarctica facts

The smallest continent in size and population is Antarctica.


What is the biggest desert in the World?

The Antarctic Desert is the largest desert in the World.

Antarctic Desert

What is the deepest mine in the World?

The Tautona Gold mine is the deepest in the world.
The 2.4 mile deep gold mine off South Africa is the deepest mine on Earth. The Tautona Gold Mine first began operational in 1962.


What is the deepest cave in the World?

Krubera Cave is the deepest cave in the planet.
At 1.3 miles deep, Krubera cave in the Arabika Massif of Georgia is the planets deepest cave.

Krubera Cave