What is the largest airport in the World?

The King Fahd International airport is the biggest in the planet.

King Fahd International facts:

Covering 301 sq miles, the King Fahd airport is the largest of its kind. It is located in Eastern Saudi Arabia.

King Fahd International

highest airport: Qamdo Bangda facts

The Qamdo Bangda airport is the highest located airport in the planet.
This incredible airport sits 14,219 feet above sea level. The Qamdo Bangda is located in Tibet.

Qamdo Bangda

What is the fastest airplane in the World?

The X-15 is the fastest plane in the skies reaching speed 6 times the speed of sound.
The fastest manned controlled plane or jet is the X-15. It can reach speed of 4,104 mph, that's over 6 times the speed of sound and fly at an altitude of 354 thousand feet. This plane is an experimental plane made in the USA.

X 15

What is the largest airplane in the World?

The biggest and heaviest aircraft in the world today is the An-225.
Made is Russia, this 640 ton the AN225 Mriya aircraft is the heaviest and biggest in the World. This plane is 275 feet in length and can reach speeds of 525 miles per hour. These planes were first built around the 1980's by the Soviet Union.

An 225 Mriya

What is the tallest roller coaster in the World?

Kingda Ka in six flags is the tallest roller coaster in the planet.
When you walk into Six Flags New Jersey you will definatly see this humongous steel roller coaster. At the height of 456 feet this giant coaster is the planets tallest.

Kingda Ka