What is the largest food fight in the World?

La Tomatina in Europe is has largest foodfight in the world

La Tomatina facts:

In Valencia, Spain a very unusual tradition takes place. Every year crowds gather for the annual tomato festival were people spend an hour throwing tomatoes at each other. 137 tons of this tomato are used making it the largest scale food-fight on earth.

La Tomatina

What is the tallest domestic cat in the World?

The tallest domestic cat living today is named Savannah Islands Trouble.
Savannah Islands trouble is 1 foot 7 inches tall. Proud owner Debby Maraspini from the USA.

Savannah Islands Trouble

What is the longest domestic cat in the World?

The longest cat today is named Mymains Stewart Gilligan.
At 4 feet long, Mymains Stewart Gilligan is the longest pet cat living today. Proudly owned by Erik Brandsness and Robin Hendrickson from the USA.

Mymains Stewart Gilligan

What is the shortest domestic cat in the World?

Fizz Girl is the shortest cat alive today.
Fizz Girl is a female munchkin cat that is 6 inches tall. This domestic cat is the worlds shortest to date. This lovely cat is owned by Tiffani Kjeldergaard from the USA.

Fizz Girl