What is the smallest planet in the World?

The smallest planet in our solar system is Pluto.

Pluto facts:

Not only the smallest planet, Pluto is also the furthest planet on our Solar System. Although now not referred to as a planet Pluto takes the the spot 9 planets froms the sun as a dwarf planet. The smallest and yet makes the biggest orbit around the sun.


biggest planet: Jupiter facts

The biggest planet in our Solar System is Jupiter.
Jupiter, this humongous gas giant is the biggest planet in our Solar System. It is the 5th planet from the Sun. Everything is huge here from the size to its furious weather. This planet is very well known for its huge red spot which is the size of two Earths and have been seen from telescopes for centuries now. This is a storm that has lasted several hundred years. Jupiter also has the biggest moon in the entire Solar System name Ganymede. Jupiter's equator is almost 90,000 miles in diameter.