What is the richest country in the World?

Qatar is the richest country per capita in the planet.

Qatar facts:


poorest country: Republic of the Congo facts

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the poorest country per capita for today.

Republic of the Congo

smallest country: Vatican City facts

The smallest country in the world today is Vatican City.
Located inside the city of Rome, Italy. Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the planet. The population here is less than 1000 people, and its only .17 sq miles. Vatican City is home to the Pope and the central government forming the Catholic Church. On 2005 Emeritus Benedict XVI was elected Pope and later retired on 2013 due to health problems, and a new Pope was elected by cardinals in an impressive quick decision. Pope Francis was elected within 2 days.

Vatican City

biggest country: Russia facts

The biggest country in the world by land area is Russia.
This huge country takes up 2 continents, extending from eastern Europe to eastern Asia. The country is 17 million sq km.


What is the most populated continent in the World?

The continent of Asia has the heaviest population of the planet.


What is the largest city in the World?

Tokyo, Japan is the largest city in the World.
With a population of 36,669,000 and counting, Tokyo Japan is the World's largest city. Compared to the USA with its biggest city being New York at 19,425,000 people.


What is the densest populated city in the World?

Manila in the Philipines is the most densest populated city
The most crammed city in the world is that of Manila, the capital of the Philipines. In just 15 square miles, this city holds an approximate 1,600,000 million people.