What is the largest helicopter in the World?

The largest helicopter ever was a Russian Mil Mi-12.

Russian Mil facts:

This helicopter is one of a kind. The Mi-12 was 121 feet long and weighed at 227,737 lbs. It almost a cross between a helicopter and a Boeing plane.

Russian Mil

smallest helicopter: GEN H4 facts

Japans GEN H-4 is todays smallest helicopter.
This small helicopter has no outer shell, it has one seat and weighs only 154 pounds, almost as much as an average american. The GEN H-4 is made in Japan by the Gen Corporation.


What is the fastest airplane in the World?

The X-15 is the fastest plane in the skies reaching speed 6 times the speed of sound.
The fastest manned controlled plane or jet is the X-15. It can reach speed of 4,104 mph, that's over 6 times the speed of sound and fly at an altitude of 354 thousand feet. This plane is an experimental plane made in the USA.

X 15

What is the largest airplane in the World?

The biggest and heaviest aircraft in the world today is the An-225.
Made is Russia, this 640 ton the AN225 Mriya aircraft is the heaviest and biggest in the World. This plane is 275 feet in length and can reach speeds of 525 miles per hour. These planes were first built around the 1980's by the Soviet Union.

An 225 Mriya

What is the tallest roller coaster in the World?

Kingda Ka in six flags is the tallest roller coaster in the planet.
When you walk into Six Flags New Jersey you will definatly see this humongous steel roller coaster. At the height of 456 feet this giant coaster is the planets tallest.

Kingda Ka