What is the highest tree in the World?

A Silver Fir tree was found at higher altitudes than any other tree in the World.

Silver Fir facts:

In China a Silver Fir tree was discover at the height of 15,000ft. No other tree in the planet can be found at altitudes that high.

Silver Fir

largest tree: Giant Sequoia facts

The Giant Sequoias of California are the tallest and biggest trees in the world.
The large and Giant Sequoias from the California are the largest trees in the planet by volume. One such tree in Sequoia National Park has a volume of 52,508 cu. ft.

Giant Sequoia

tallest tree: Redwood facts

The Redwoods in California are the worlds most tallest trees.
A Giant Sequoia tree in the Redwood National Park was measures at an astonishing 379 feet tall in September of 2006. Redwoods are known to reach heights of over 300ft.


oldest tree: Bristlecone Pine facts

The oldest tree is a Pine located in California.
Methuselah, is the name of such tree. This Bristlecone Pine Tree in Californias White Mountains was dated to be over 4600 years old. It is the oldest standing tree in the world.

Bristlecone Pine

What is the largest deforestation in the World?

The great forests of Brazil have been cleared in very large scales.
An average of 32 million acres were cleared in the jungles of Brazil between 2005-2010. Brazil has had more deforestation than every other country combined.


What is the tallest hardwood tree in the World?

Ceturion is the tallest living hardwood tree.
Located in Tasmania, Australia, "Centurion" reaches the height of 332 feet tall making them part of the Worlds tallest trees.

Australian Swamp Gum Tree

What is the highest nest in the World?

This small seabird has been discovered to have the highest nest in the planet.
The Marbled Murrelet birds nest have been discovered at heights well over 140 feet, making these birds the only birds to make a nest on a tree at those heights.

Marbled Murrelet