What is the largest waterfall in the World?

The Victoria Falls are the largest waterfall in the world.

Victoria Falls facts:

Located on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls are the largest on the world from side to side. They are 5,604 feet wide. They have the great vertical area from any other on the planet.

Victoria Falls

tallest waterfall: Angel Falls facts

Venezuelas Angel Falls take the world record as the tallest waterfall on Earth.
The Salto Angel, or Angel falls run out of the Carrao River in Venezuela. The falls have a drop of 3,212 feet high.

Angel Falls

What is the tallest mountain in the World?

The biggest mountain in the world is MT. Everest.
The highest mountain in the World is located in the Himalayas. Mt Everest sits tall in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas of Asia, at 29,029 feet high.

MT Everest